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GNETS Stragetic Plan

GNETS Stragetic Plan


The revised GNETS strategic plan (1/28/2020) includes six focus areas:

· Program Leadership and Accountability

· Behavior Support and Therapeutic Services

· Instructional and Academic Support

· Program Funding and Fiscal Management

· Integration of Services and Capacity Building

· Facilities Management.

Each of the focus areas has specific goals that each GNETS will work to obtain. Many components of this strategic plan addresses practices that are based on improvements from audit findings, program evaluation, best practices across all GNETS programs, and research-based initiatives. The revised plan also streamlines procedural standards for programs to account for consistency and coordinated program services.

GNETS directors and their staff will be responsible for implementing the action items within the strategic plan to ensure that collaborative integrated services are planned and provided for students receiving services through the GNETS program. GNETS staff will also collaborate with Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to ensure that students have a civil right to be reintegrated/included with same age peers without disabilities to obtain academic and social-emotional competencies in general education environments when deemed appropriate.